Dr.Karamat Ullah Mirza.
Senior Principal.

Dr.Karamat Ullah Mirza.Qualifications
DARC (London) 

Dr. Karamat Ullah Mirza has been a General Practitioner since 1974 and Senior Partner since 1984.He has a wide experience in general practice and has worked as Clinical Assistant in Anaesthesia in Colchester General Hospital for 20 years as well as Clinical Assistant in Obstetric in Clacton Hospital for 20 years.

He was a Registrar of accident and emergencies in Colchester General Hospital. He has a wide experience in Orthopaedics, General Medicine, Psychiatry, Tropical Medicines and has a special interest in Ophthalmology.

His Pat-Pearson Clinic in Clacton Area attracts people not only from Clacton but also out of area as well.